This basic first aid kit is meant to be a more budget friendly version of out advanced kit.  It still includes some of the unique features of the advanced kit but without the more advanced medical supplies.  This is a great kit for those without any formal medical training.

Basic First Aid Kit

  • Exploration Ready provides kits for those with appropriate training to use said kits. By purchasing this kit you are confirming that you have the appropriate training, certification, permission, etc. to use the kit contents. Exploration Ready recommends all kit users take at least a first aid class. Exploration Ready assumes no liability for the misuse of kit or its components.


    Exploration Ready assembles these speciality kits in house so kit contents may vary between suppliers and individual kit contents may not match exactly what is listed on this page.  

  • Medication -

    (4) doses ibuprofen

    (4) doses non-aspirin (acetaminophen)

    (4) doses aspirin

    (4) doses antacid

    (4) doses antihistamine

    (4) doses antidiarrheal

    Topical -

    (4) topical insect bite relief

    (4) packets topical antibiotic

    (4) packets burn gel

    (10) alcohol prep wipes

    (10) hand sanitizer wipes

    Wound Care -

    (4) moleskin

    (5) fingertip bandaids

    (5) knuckle bandaids

    (10) simple bandaids

    (5) XL bandaids

    (10) cotton swabs

    (10) sterile and non-sterile 4x4 gauze

    (2) small conforming gauze (Kerlix type)

    (1) 1" tape

    Equipment -

    (1) tweezers

    (2) disposable nail files

    (6) gloves (pairs)

    (1) sharpie

    (1) irrigation syringe

    (1) sheers

    (1) bloody nose clip

    (1) Bandana

    (1) trash bag


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